Hello, I’m Andrea and I am an artist based in Surrey, UK.

My journey of becoming an artist began unexpectedly, however my passion for creating, painting and exploring photography has occupied my thoughts and dreams for as long as I have been alive…

The art I create is inspired by senses, experiences from every day, miracles from the days gone by, and dreams of days to come.

Whether it’s a favourite nature spot where I live, or magical island I visited abroad, admiring a mysterious sunset or excited at seeing promising sunrise, feeling the refreshing summer rain, tingling frosty morning or the heat of the midday sun on my skin…inspiration is there every day.

I add my own interpretations, my mood will guide the palette and colour choices, my feelings will aid in making the paintings come alive. I play with contrasts, light & dark, soft & strong, subtle & bold, safe & brave…

The process is very rewarding; it fills my mind & soul with endless possibilities, it feeds my desire to learn and challenge myself every day, to explore & continue creating… the desired outcome is to touch people’s hearts, to transport them to a magical place, even if for a fleeting moment, to share the sparkle & magic of life.

Let me take you on my journey… view my collections here.

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”

Auguste Rodin